Time for some tlc


So unfortunately the vectra is coming off the road but as always there is a silver lining to this cloud a pure Gent on the Facebook site has offered me a z22se engine to replace mine but I am still going to strip it to bare bones have it dipped and bores honed unless there is excessive play on the con rods should I replace? I'm not looking to get forged or forged pistols but I am wondering if I buy brand new pistons or even old ones would a machine shop be able to modify them to have holes for the oil to drain through? I believe it's a fix to our oul issue obv new rings and shells. Would I be right in thinking if I put in high lift cams apart from a remap I would also need a full set of stronger springs and spring tops oh and collects? Also how easy is it 1. To get hold of a cruise control system and how much is involved in fitting it?
After the head and block are married up with a new balance and timing chain, lifters and rockers is it worth adding a lightened and balanced flywheel or without a remap and fast road clutch would I feel any difference?
Are a full power flex Bush kit worth the money or do they have the same sort of wear life as a Vauxhall set?
I want to add a stronger suspension but don't want to drop the height or loose comfort as it will affect my disability and mr DVLA man would happily revoke my licence. Main bit first is engine I want to put decent parts not inferior what do you guys think?


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Only use OEM or Genuine parts,
there is no problem with the pistons if you use good oil and change it regularly.
best to use uprated valve springs with bigger cams (don't go for cheap regrinds)
lightened flywheel and uprated clutch will make a difference and worth doing as is opening up exhaust ports to match gasket.
Without a remap and all these mods you will not have a happy engine.
Powerflex bushes are a waste of money on road cars, don't last long at all in my experience with the vectra B they only lasted 10,000 miles.
if you can find Bilstien shocks and eibach springs they work great on Vauxhalls