Tickets Ordered

u will be late hahaha, carl doesnt want to be late in n we are all aimin to be there for 5.00 so we can get to the pod ontime(carl didnt like his spot last year)i wasnt reved by my spot either but my cars not special enough to be on the front line hahaha.

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AFAIK we are all meeting at 5 @ the Watford Gap Services, M1 Southbound.

Not sure if those who are travelling up and come off at the northbound exit for the services and drive over... I think we have to go up to the next junction and double back 1 mile.
Hey all could a couple of u plz message me your numbers tonight so i can contact you when i arrive (before show opens) to check where you are. Just worried there will be no 3g so wont be able to contact you via this thread. Thanks guys, max