The zafira 2.2direct 6speed


Stupid Bollocks
so back on the 9th of december i went to buy a car but it was a non starter luckily i took a chain kit with me and a front guide repair plug it had snapped the top of the front guide and the bolt had come out from what i can tell it was about 1/4 turn out on the exhaust cam

it was on the top of a hill in stoke on trent and about -4c did the chain primed the oil then turned the key it started 1st time with out any rattles or bangs it then went on to drive me home 54 miles not missing a beat :)

plenty of snow about on the drive home lol

so now the snow has cleared ive changed the coolant and washed the headder tank out with petrol and cat litter then did an oil and filter change it was well overdue the oil was as thin as p**s and the filter had collapsed
can of gunk foam and a quick wash of the engine bay and a wipe over of the plastics with megs tyre gel got it looking like new

then gave the car a good wash just need to do the polishing thing and wax it up