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The signum number 2

Discussion in 'Projects' started by evocarlos, October 12, 2017 at 9:51 AM.

  1. After a recent purchase of a facelift signum elite heres some work to it :) i will update the layout later

    IMG_20171008_210031. IMG_20171008_200710. IMG_20171008_163201. IMG_20171007_063316. IMG_20170930_142605. IMG_20170930_142247. IMG_20170930_140948. IMG_20170930_140940. IMG_20170924_103558. IMG_20170923_191937. IMG_20170923_191912. IMG_20170923_191835.
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  2. s**t its pants last night now showing exhaust gasses in the coolant
    Got all the parts to fix just need time to do it :)
  3. That Signum looks familiar! :eek:
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  4. :) was Peters old one..

    Got to work on the gasket yesterday lifted the head off and #4 looked to be the damaged area

    Ive been running plenty of redx thru it to clean the cylinders up that with vpower you can see the pistons were starting to clean up

    The oil filter had collapsed and dislocated from the cap so it's not been doing much for a while
    The swirl flap bar was ticking ive changed the bar but still got the ticking must be the flaps are warn out
    new fuel filter and fresh oil and filter dove it home 100 miles with out issue and fitting a real 82c thermostat from an astra g 2.2 makes the water temp real world on the vec c and not 105c rubbish with the factory stat
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  5. I thought so.

    What's Pete replaced it with?
  6. Think it was a skoda
  7. Passed its mot yesterday with one advisory :)
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