That f$%$#@g high pressure fuel pump on the Z22YH ... $36 to fix

Well ... So I was cruising Aliexpress , as you do, and I came across a repair kit for the Z22YH fuel pump... Its listed here. If its gone look for 93174538

For 25NZD (8 quid) including free shipping , I though , I know its fake, probably rubbish but for s**ts and giggles lets see what its like. Ordered it on 20 December and turned up last Wednesday. Yeah nearly two months. Oh mate. I was really surprised. The seals are spot on in size and shape, the rubber grommets fit perfectly with the right amount of 'sponginess'. The hologram and the printing look really good. If this is a fake then its a bloody good one. I cant fault it.

Anyway daughter phones up on Saturday. "Dad the cars broken down" .. the fuel pump blew and threw the P1191 low fuel pressure code. We'll that's handy.

Long story short , there's lots of video's around how to rebuild the pump. I just replaced the cap o-ring seal and the three grommets and low and behold its all running. Took it for a spin and demand and supply were up at 10,000kpa.

Notes on a couple of things. I used a big tub and drowned the whole thing, assembled in oil. I used 75w-90 gear oil. Two liters on special for $11. When we did it the first time we had air in there and you could hear it slopping about. Didn't work so we pulled it apart and did it again. Make sure you clean out the expansion port, small hole in the side. It gets filled with crap. We did cover the fuel pipes but the plastic came off , didn't seem to do any damage and the car runs fine. When you locate the the "top hat plate" the posts should be just about level poking up through from underneath. When you put the cap on it should go down flush to the body without much effort. I had it very slightly misaligned the first time and the two halves didn't want to close the gap.

Well time will tell if it all holds. I have no reason at this point to think it wont, but I'll order another one anyway.
There's a couple of disassembly video's on YouTube here and here

Well... it didn't. Lasted two days and then crapped out. It wasn't the new parts though. They were fine and all looked good. It leaked half the oil out of the round casing at the bottom of the fuel pump. probably happened when I bolted it together under oil and the internal hydraulic pressure blew the seal.

Soo. round two. I sealed the outer ring with Permatex grey , the rammed through an allen key through the underneath membrane. This should allow the clamping pressure to escape. Left it all to cure over night. then reassembled in oil. When its all back together holding it upside down, so to speak, pop riveted the hole with some more sealant. It isn't pretty but lets see what happens next. pressure is back up to 10,000kpa and no apparent leaks.

Update .. I tried to get the end cap off but it would budge. Have since discovered a video in Greek? .. that shows its held by a circlip. No wonder it wouldn't budge. At 12:09 here. If I do this again , the kit contains the rubber cap so ill fill it that way.