Temperature Sensor Change - Tape needed?


got to change the sensor for the water temperature on my Z22SE. Found a HowTo in the ressources (https://z22se.co.uk/resources/water-temperature-sensor-change.72/) but I ordered a sensor produced by the company "Hella". Problem is now that my sensor only got a cooper washer and no tape on the thread. So my question is
do I need to put some tape on it manually or is no tape needed? Will it be leaky?

Thank you very much!


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Try it out without the tape . It will not cause any major harm or damage apart from a slight water leak without the tape

Then you can drive to the shop and get some of that tape

Do you mean ptfe tape?


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The genuine GM CTS comes with PTFE tape on it, as can be seen on the CTS change resource thread, so it's best to buy some and wind a 5mm strip around the CTS threads 2-3 times otherwise coolant seepage will occur. :)
Got some of that tape heat redistant to 260 degrees with a friend of mine from a hardware store for 1,99. Thanks for your advice to use it, don't want to loose to much water cause the water pump just got renewed and the cooling water is new,too. Thanks!!!