suspect dodgy egr or cts please help

hi all,

afte a lenghty search on the site ive come to the conclusion either my egr valve is on the blink or my coolant temp sensor has gone. My eml is coming on and have lumpy revs between 2 and 3k. ive had previous problems with my egr valve and my local garage has cleaned it after finding a fault through a diagnostics test. I would let them have a look but as you can guess i dont want to be paying silly money when i can do it myself. IM just not sure of the location of the egr valve!! Also i was wondering if my problem maybe linked to my coolant temp sensor as at around the same time as this problem i noticed my temp gauge was being a bit erratic (working then not the next). to be honest im just shooting in the dark, ive not had the car long and i am not used to working on these cars.any replies on where i can find these parts would help me greatly. at what ive read they mayb on the right of the head looking head on to the car?? my car by the way is a vectra 2.2 150 2001 y reg

any reply would be greatful



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your egr is on the right or the engine like you said its behind the steering pump and has a plug on thd top the cts is about 3 or 4 inch to the left of the egr at the back of the engine 2 pin plug on it


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problem is the £160 odd quid wont guarantee it will have fixed the problem

i spoke to a warranty analysis m8 at luton and he said that the EGR valve on 2.2's commonly fail and even when they are replaced and are fully working the problems still exist

al i am saying is be careful when u fork out on sensors
thanks everyone. i spoke to the guy at vauxhal and he said that the plate and cheat is only available for the older models and that was olny because they stopped making the egr valves for it??

getting a new egr proberbly wont resolve the matter?

if i can change to a blanking plate and cheat will it not throw the emissions out and/or the problem with the slight misfire still be there? and if it was caused by the egr how do i get rid of it without a new one? sorry guys im not questioning your knowledge here as im the last person to ask about these things just want to get a good understanding of what im dealing with.

sorry for questions but am slightly confused to what to do now ive only got the coolant temp sensor got to go down tomorrow to pay for the egr in full before they order it so i havnt actually paid for the egr valve yet but was planning to so until i read these.

thanks everyone for your time
in that case its the vectra b lol cheers for that. so what does this mean can i get the cheat? hope i can just been to pay for the blanking plate and temp sensor. i quoted the reference number provided on here for the blanking plate and was same price aswell inc vat. does voccy still do the cheats does anyone know?
hi again, got my parts today so gunna fit everthing sunday. was a bit shocked to feel the weight of the blanking plate lol. egr cheat on order thanks to voccy and matt so should be sorted soon.
will let everbody know when its been done.

thanks agaon everbody

HI all,

just to say that car is running perfect now. put the egr blanking plate on and put the temp sensor in, also took the throttle body off and give it a good clean (MANKY AS HELL)!

just awaiting cheat now so i can unplug from the egr.

my engine is still taking a while to get to temperature. gauge didnt move after leaving it for 10mins on idle only when i drove for 5 mins did it begin to creep up. i s it normal for the gauge to drop after putting heaters on??

anyway thanks everyone who commented with there advice!

hi mike

yeah its dropping quite alot more than 5c and is now worse than when the old temp sensor was in. another thing i noticed when i changed the temp sensor was only a drop of coolant come out when i removed the sensor is this normal i was expecting alot to come out?

Could a faulty thermostat be to blame for the erratic behaviour of the gauge?

appreciate all help thanks.