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Supercharging the blue lady project

Discussion in 'Projects' started by tofferson, April 9, 2015.

  1. #241 tofferson, October 8, 2017
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  2. Polly bushes arrived :)
    #242 tofferson, October 8, 2017
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  3. Fitted to subframe and wishbones cheers figo126 for lending me you spare subframe and wishbones;)
    691.JPG 700.JPG 705.JPG 706.JPG 715.JPG 721.JPG
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  4. its going to look the dogs bo--ocks , cant wait for you to get it back on the road,,,,
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  5. Started to refit the loom not easy :(
    640.JPG 641.JPG 643.JPG
    Ran a battery cable through bulkhead behind platic trim in car and into boot for the battery relocation.
    647.JPG 648.JPG 649.JPG 653.JPG
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  6. I wanted to move the radiator forward a few inch so i chopped down the top mounts and bolted them to the front of the valance rather than the back.
    657.JPG 658.JPG
    Just need to sort lower mounts and modify the steel near headlight opening for the top hose.
    getting rid of the standard rad fan and replacing it with 2 spals on outside of rad instead, cheers for the spals figo126
  7. Did you degree the cams to #1 or just use the z22se sprockets?
    Im keeping the charge cooler system water is a far better heat conductor than just air the issue is the manifold laminovers are not large enuff for over 350hp alone but then you just go single pass with a larger cooler :)
  8. Loving the subframe n heat shields Chris mate. Your gonna need mirrors for underneath at shows :)
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  9. Hi I just used the Z22se sprockets :)
  10. Ha it’s covered in black fingerprints now lol needs a clean :)
  11. Ripped out old subframe, uprights and wishbones.
    A3653859-E4A7-49CB-B3FE-E81FCD53D2E7. image.
    Swapped rack etc to the new subframe
    Then bolted it all to the car
    32F49DAE-6211-4D9C-8572-9DE9952DA99B. 1A26C460-03E4-4DFE-A2CE-45900F942ACD. 1A56DC3C-60BD-43BC-863D-CB3F327407E8. 95CF53FA-7972-41FC-87B9-310259E37BFF.
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  12. what a privilege ,working where they have a ramp, you lucky boy , nice work,,,
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  13. You may find the mainfold will glow with z22se sprockets at idle
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  14. I’ll have to see what there like
    ill be happy if it idles lol
  15. Cg made my twin plate and then i had the vxr 5 puck that eventually broke now on helix
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  16. Water is a good conductor but once warm on a hard working engine it just doesn't cool enough.

    The charge cooler system used to really struggle on track with inlet temps well over 70 degrees (some vx220 lads seeing over 90 degrees) at the end of a 20 minute session.

    Intercooler only got to just over 40 degrees.
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  17. Yer I agree, I’ve done quite a lot of research into this mod and everything I’ve found points to it been the best way to go for my application :)
  18. I decided to paint my rad, I no it’s not seen but I couldn’t resist.
    C20FB874-B0CB-4A9F-87C2-586CC82E64FD. F0248FA7-3D18-468B-A3F9-70789CD0E591.
    Also made a battery tray to bolt into the boot.
  19. wheres the engine fitted pics ,,,,, don't tell me you've lost them,,,,,
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