Supercharger Parts and Information


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Just a thought as people are starting to do their own S/C builds how about a section here for parts and services other people find?

I say this because I have spend a large part of the day looking for 6 rib drive belts for the car.

Anyway anyone interested I found this company in the UK what I wanted. 6 rib 50 inch


Re: Supercharged parts section ?

I'll make this thread a sticky if you want, and people can use this to add any extra information to, or did you want a specific Forum section for the discussion of parts?



Saturn Ion/Cobalt SS Supercharger
Saturn Ion/Cobalt SS inlet manifold
Saturn Ion/Cobalt 2.0 SC throttle body
gasket from manifold to charger - £33


gaskets from head to inlet - £1.80
pulley - £17
pulley bracket - £56
Belt - £13
z20let injectors
injector plugs - £35 (probably alot cheaper if you go to a scrappy!)
M6 x 70mm bolts and a pair of M6 to M8 hole adaptors - £36 (make your own (cheers vocky :D ) )
2 x alternator bolts - £2
small Pre Rad - £185 large pre rad £380 ( i think )
remap - £200 plus 85ph on the dyno
Piping - £37 (19mm heavy duty piping)
2 x gromets - £4
coolant tank - depends what you get or make!
2 bar map sensor - £52
inlet manifold stabilizer thingy ma-jig :LOL: - this takes some of the straign of off the head a bit £10 i think i cant remember but is not needed (not on a standard stage 2 supercharged vx i believe) but for a tenner! peace at mind and all that!

bosch water pump
KnN filter with 75mm pipe 300mm long
going to need a decent exhaust aswell.

hope this helps (y)


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Awesome infos Joe... Was about to start a thread asking for such info and found this!

Does anyone know of the part requirements from a M62 <=250bhp build to a Harrop <400BHP Build:

Harrop 1320 Supercharger + Pulley
Wiseco Pistons?
Eagle Rods?

Anything else??


supertech double valve springs

if you want to pass 400bhp then you will also need to remove the balancer shafts, get the bottom end balanced, add GM oil pump gears, gas flow the head, fit GM racing valves and all the other bits mentioned already !

not cheap but 'holy crap' it will go like a rocket :LOL:


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For those who are interested in a self build kit I have been doing some searches of late on the

one thing I have seen is there are a number of m62 for sale as people replace then with the Harrop, could be worth a look I mailed one guy and the rate for shipping is @$140 to the Uk

other bit are required of course, intake manifold, ect but worth a look.

Power to the people :LOL:


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Getting the S/C is the easy part .. the intake manifold is the rare bit. :(

My aim was always to build for a Harrop, but start with the Eaton.

Adding to Vocky's list of things to get:

Lightened fly wheel
LSD for gearbox (I have my doubts about just how much torque the F23 can handle)
Modify intake manifold for single-pass operation


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daaaaavek said:
Getting the S/C is the easy part .. the intake manifold is the rare bit. :(

TBH the manifold is great interms of the packaging space and cooling, but it's got quite a high pressure loss due to the laminova heat exchangers. It just happens to be an off the shelf component that's available. You could prob do better for high power outputs with a seperate CC or FMIC and fabricated manifold/support bracket (or for a stg 1 just a manifold/support bracket)


looks very similar to the one I fitted at the weekend

for future reference the part number on the ebay link is VW/AUDI part no. 7HO 965 561