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yah carl's motor is pretty impressive

few teething problems but there is some potential to try kill himself again


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I have a spacer plate for use of the supercharger with the Original throttlebody. If you are getting a brand new s/c I don't think a TB will come with it.
PS That american guy on here sells complete kits, what's his name....?
Please, help me!
I have an Opel Vectra C 2003 with Z22SE engine. I want to convert him from naturally aspirated to supercharged. But, in my country, for cars older than ten years, we are obliged to make technical verification in every year and I think that conversion will cannot not be legalized. So, I want to make this conversion in that way that in any moment to can be revert back to initial state. I have mediu knowlige for auto mechanics and is my favorite hobby. I understand that I should purchase, the supercharger with manifold, and to make some parts relocations, but I have some other questions:
1. Why should I change my injectors, is only for connections and pipes or is for flow capacity (debit)
2. Why is need it to change the belt tensioner, it is not enough the original tensioner?
3. For cooling can I use the original engine system?
4. Is realy necessary to remap ECU?
5. Who can make the remap operation?
6. After mechanical reconversion to initial state, the remapped ECU can be used without reprogramming?
7. If the ECU itself must be revert to initial state, is it not more convinient to have a secondary spare ECU with original map on it?
8. What else modifications should be done?
9. It is really necessary to change the throttle?
Thank you!