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Supercharger Fitting Guide Astra G

Discussion in 'Supercharger' started by evocarlos, September 14, 2013.

  1. convert to a TMAP like the vx220 guys have done, just a simple CS remap to suit the new sensor.
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  2. cheers neil saved me a phone call :) i did just ring them but the line was busy :)
    i can also then fit an N- type display and see the inlet temps :)
    are they using the let 2.5bar ? i had one for awhile but was unsure of fitting
    WP_001669 (Medium).
  3. got thru on the phone
    yes to mapping the 2.5bar but no fitting till map time :(
  4. That 4 wire sensor above what's the extra wire for? I have one so think it's a 2.5 or 3 bar not checked part number yet. But the one I got in the kit from Steve's car is a 2 bar but only 3 wires.

    Also when you split the charger how is the pulley removed? Is it just pressed on? And can you remove the large casing without having to take all bearing apart? As I want to port it out but not if I've got to buy new bearings etc
  5. the 4th wire is a n type probe that gives air temp from the inlet the other 3 wires are the same as the 2bar but mapping is different for the 2bar vs 2.5bar
    Bosch-TMAP-Dimensions. map.

    the pulley is just pressed on but thats not as easy as it sounds unless you have a big press to push it off you don't need to remove anything from the charger to get the pulley off
    50 ton press makes it light work and wont damage the pulley or bearings just remember to catch :)
    WP_000004 (Medium).

    the charger splits into 3 parts snout/rotor pack/case
    if you remove the bolts from the charger be ready to buy charger oil and red(alloy2alloy) anaerobic sealant :)

    some more pics here
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  6. iirc steves charger was already ported ,as I remember him saying when he bought it from the bloke in the states
  7. Cheers, so where does the extra wire go though? If I wanted to swap at a later date where does the wire go back to? Which Ecu pin?

    I currently have the bottom one in the pic with the red seal on.

    Cool I have a 100 ton press at work so will p**s that, just wanted to double check as didn't want to force anything off incase there is a retainer or something.

    I have new oil coming but will have to check on which loctite sealent I have in stock.

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  8. He told me that but tbh it looks standard as I've compared it to the other charger I have, only bit that's different is the map sensor hole has been welded up and it's had a polish on the outside.
  9. the ntc probe wire goes no where unless you have the dutch software then it can be wired into the iat wire but on the cs map it would cause issues as its not setup that way in the mapping
    the one with the red seal its the 2bar map thats the normal requirement for the supercharger

    im not sure about the cs pulley either as i have had the stock pulley and the zzp modular pulley i think cs made there pulley with an 8mm hole only ?
  10. Ah right so I can just leave the 4th wire out and just wire the other 3 in when the time comes to up the boost as it's a 2.5 bar one.

    I'll do some digging about the pulley, cheers
  11. MapWiringDiagram.
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  12. @cs no the loop is set up right on miles car :)
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  13. Great Write up is this top work,thanks for now giving me a charger bug ha ha ! Im toying with the idea of b207 management on t8 suite as I've got a few friends on the trionic forum that will be keen to develop a manageable non immobiliser based map as I've been a test dummy on t7 closed binary files with open immo setups which works. Sorry if I've kind of hijacked a bit :unsure:
  14. t8 is mostly can based and as far as im aware you cant run the ecu with out the bcm cim and other units
    i know a few of the guys who do the mapping on the t8 and when i asked it was a no go it may have all changed by now

    thanks :) it is only a simple guide but it will get it up and running the factory z22se ecu is more than capable up to 280hp with out the loss of any functions or the way the car runs its after then it get funky

    the t8 suite is free to down load im sure i have it somewhere just never got around to all the faffing and went after market ecu much happier
  15. This is the issue i had with the t7 management in my astra g the saab dash uses can comms p bus and i bus lines are interfaced through the clocks so i had no option but to leave my existing ecu in place. Oh well i knew the t8 would be this way too and I've asked on the trionic forum if a pwm could be utilised for an rpm and eml output but without re writing the code its not worth doing for a few conversions although there are many spare ecu outputs as the ecu has 3 extra injector triacs for the 6 cylinder engine (uses same ecu).
    On my t7 ecu i can use an open bin which gives me live mapping capability but its a basic bin and has many functions missing in the symbol table for newer engines/sofware updates especially manual gearboxes and is more suited to the auto boxes.
    Like you said the best is to go for aftermarket as its much easier for a rolling road operator to setup and for basic auto tune functions via wide band for initial setup.
    Great work And i love your coupe 19psi on the s/c very nice
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  16. only thing can on he mk4 is the abs to ecu connection for the torque request function of dbw i figured that one out when fitting the aftermarket ecu
    the rpm gague is just a pwm and im almost sure the temp gague is to need to do some more messing to figure that one out
    ive left the factory ecu in place to run the temp gauge(also runs the engine cooling module and a/c functions),fuel vent,oil pressure,crank sensor for rpm and immobiliser functions
    the aem ecu is now running the engine its also doing the drive by wire so ive lost the input to the factory ecu meaning there's no torque request feed to the abs ecu
    just the lamp on the dash its going to be rewired to the aem as it has its own tc strategies and it can make the lamp flash for slip and come on for when its deactivated :)

    thanks :) its been off the road so long now i forgot what it was like to drive its so much smoother than the standard 2.2 ive been driving round in lol
    been for a trip out tonight and its up to 20psi under 4000rpm
    just reworking the ve table it was set with no load but now its been driven under load alot of the boosted areas are way too rich
    w ve.JPG
  17. Hello, I have an astra g with z22se and I have thought about superchargin it. The largest problem that I have is an TUV approval, which is required for registration in Finland. Do you happen to have an approval for the Eaton m62 or some other supercharger that would bolt in to z22se?

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