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Supercharger Astra mk4 z22se

Discussion in 'Supercharger' started by Jente, September 13, 2016.

  1. Hi all , i'm looking for a complete supercharger kit for my Astra mk4 .
    If someone has something for sale . Let me know . Best regards Jente
  2. Best option is to use a seller on USA eBay that few of us got out kit off. Nice guy and best option as kits in uk rarely come up for sale here's a link below.
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  3. will that supercharger fit on astra g cabrio year 2002 ( z22se) ?
  4. Yep
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  5. does this kit need any more parts?
    i want to buy it and go with it to a car services
  6. that kit is not for the Astra G
    you would need to get a base kit then buy the other parts to suit your car and level you want to go for.
    some times complete kits come up for sale when a car gets broke but not that often.
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