supercharged astra coupe from germany

Hello everyone,

I've been creating my account here some time ago, but as my english is not the best i did not write anything so far.

nevertheless I'm going to present my supercharged astra coupe to you.

Opel Astra Coupe
engine: Z22SE + Eaton M62 supercharger
automatic transmission (AF22)

so I it's the most powerful Astra with automatic transmission that i know - are here other people who drive a supercharger with automatic transmission? So far I only know one more and he's also from germany.

> color: capri yellow
> black roof
> Audi A8 rims

> red leader seats
> black leader ceiling

as i don't know the english names for the many details that i changed, i'm not going to describe them. but if you habe any questions feel free to ask - I'm going to give my best to answer those questions :)




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