stainless exhaust + more

hello guys im starting to upgrade my z22se.

i have so far portet the new head and de-restricted airbox.

i have seached the web for hours to find
a good performance exhaust manifold for my engine and i havent manage to find even 1 in stainless stel but the only one ive found is a cast iron from dbilas. and i really dont want cast iron.
any ideas where i can find one?

ive read a bunch of threads where ppl say i can port my TB ( Throttle body) but i cant figure out how and what to do anyone with pictures and maybie a guide on how to :)

last ive thought about getting the engine drilled up from 2.2 to 2.4 if possible but i cant find anywhere if the engine can take it anyone here who knows.

last but least what else would you guys wanna do if it was your engine.
just not turbos or superchargers since i can,t get it approved here in denmark and i need it to be street legal :D
and if you have links to the different parts i would be very happy if you could throw them here since i suck at seaching in english and there is absolutely nothing in denmark for this engine :D
Tullet make a 4 into one manifold to replace stock manifold.

the Dbilas one is also very good but does require porting/opening out as its quite rough casting inside. i have had one for over 10 years and rate it over the tubular one from tullet which i also have.

to go to 2.4 you need a lot of parts, not sure how much gains this will give? best speak to Vocky about that as he has done it and more.

other mods would be, full exhaust system 2.5" bore with a 200cpi sport cat and pre cat removed, balancer shaft delete, lighter flywheel, cams and springs.

have a look here for idea's on pricing of parts. but there are a lot of other places to get parts from in the USA and import costs should be ok for you.

shame you can't go supercharged as that's by far the cheapest way to gain power.
Okay perfect but holy f the tullet exhaust is expensive it is 1 month pay i might go fir the dbilas its alot cheaper. maybie you need to change yours and sell it to me for a great deal :D
ok i dont know if the bore up from 2.2 to 2.4 is good on this engine hope someone with experience and knowlegde comes by :D
i am all ready working on the exhaust in 2.5'' stainless steel im a stainless smith myself :D
balance shafts are removed on the new engine.
lighter flywhell is kinda hard since i have a DMF and ive read lots of places the conversion to a massive is a bad idea.

i have just looked around on courtenatsports and there is lots of good info in there thanks

i would have loved to get it supercharged but the danish system about tuning a car is insanely hard to get through with something like that and extremely expensive so i dont even wanna bother with it sadly.
dual mass flywheels cause so many problems, solid flywheel is better option.
you would need to swap bell housing on gear box though.
good ting about DBilas manifold is that it exits at 3" :)
no plans on selling mine, need another one for a third car.

i bet it would be hard to get my corsa past for road use in Denmark then :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
true dual mass flywheels hit not to good sadly. what bellhousing should i use for the solid flywheel then ?
that is perfect since i allready bought a 400 cell cat and 2 silencer in 3'' then i dont have to weld reductions on it and ruin the flow :)

it would be impossible to get that approved here the rules are really bad

i am allowed to tune my car 20% of the original hp if i go over 20% i need to pay tax for it but i may i not make a engine swap to an engine the car wasent made with from factory then we are back at taxes even though it only is a 10% increase in hp

and that worst par is every 2 years the car has to go for an inspection with is fine security and such BUT then i have to have a tüv on almost every part that isnt original besides exhaust silencer. if the parts is never made with and tüv then i need opel themselves to make a document saying this mod tun or anything is okay to do on this car.
its insane
you would need a bell housing from one with solid flywheel. internal depth is different. around 15-20mm approx.

we have a test every year here but as it's done by general garages most see it as a way to make money from easy repairs. bit of a con. and if you know a friendly tester who like's customized cars get a pass certificate is easy. just have to jump through hoops with DVLA to get log book change and pay more tax.

you would all be stuck with Z20LET corsa C's over there, no 2.2's or v6 ones
Okay i Will se if i can find One
No One here make mods like that here for Street Cars sadly.
Even more sad almost every car here newer Than 2005 is diesel
Back to the exhaust
I havent Even thought of other brands do you Know of any other brands Than tullet Maybe for vec b i can mod it to fit my vec c as long as it is stainless
not seen many about, there are some other brands second hand that come up now and again.
very limited on parts in the uk.
you could try searching on USA forums?
hello again the stupid need of money put my work back alot time but now the project is on again and im taking the engine out tomorrow.
my next question is does the f40 gearbox fit directly over on the z22se and if it does how much do i need to convert
please to god say i dont need another flywheel and clutch since i just got a brand new home for this one. :)

i haven't had any luck with a performance manifold so i was lucky to find a brand new original really cheap so thats what i will do atleast untill it is acceptet at inspection
to convert to a 6 speed box requires driveshafts, clutch, flywheel, linkages, etc.

It would be cheaper to buy a whole car and break it, than buy the seperate parts
to convert to a 6 speed box requires driveshafts, clutch, flywheel, linkages, etc.

It would be cheaper to buy a whole car and break it, than buy the seperate parts
okay i will wait wait with that convertion till a scrap car come for sale .
yesterday i called the local scrap yard so hear if the had a gearbox and they did BUT he wantet 9000 dk for it that is around 1100 pound and that was ONLY the box so i still needed the rest :)
atm im working on cleaning the valves and pistons the old rings was totally clogged any good ideas for cleaning it ive tryed alot the last 5 hours but dont seem to work very well

photos will come tonight of my progress