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Slon_workshop Astra tracktool build

Discussion in 'Projects' started by slonik, July 31, 2017.

  1. I'm new on this forum so, i'd like to introduce myself: my name is Misha, i'm from Russia and I'm a big fan of vauxhall cars.

    last few years i had to work mostly with bmw cars, but sometimes we've got some opels in our workshop.
    Years ago i've started in my house's garage, and these days we are moving to our new building (500sq meters+), where we already starts our own cnc mill (haas vf2ss), so finally we have our cars building space, cnc production and carbon fiber / Fiberglass production space under one roof in one building.
    so, most parts in this build will be my own design and production. some of them costs a lot (single copy production), but i like this project, so ready to make some support :).

    this time i have some project of my mate's car - astra coupe turbo, which had z20let engine from factory, but we are changing it on z20net (saab b207r) and building NA engine on ITB's.
    main purpose of this build - make fast enough and very reliable car, which will quite cheap in using on trackdays and racing in time attack.

    i'll post build history not from the beginning, cause idea of engine swap was approved only after 6 month after purchasing the car :).

    so, let's go.

    how our astra looks like these days
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  2. hi and welcome , nice car , I have just got my astra coupe back on the road after doing a engine swap, I got a full saab 9-3 aero to squeeze the engine into my coupe , I ended up using saab/Vauxhall/opel b207 block, z20net head , z22yh crank <was going standalone ecu but changed plans> b207r cams and injectors, z22se pistons ans condrods , b207r turbo, only done about 300 miles in her so far , any questions don't hesitate to ask ,,,,,,keep up the good work,,
  3. forgot to post pictures,,,,,,,,,,,

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  4. Thanks mate! :) but we will build a NA engine, not a turbo.

    So, some of the first mods, were front subframe bushings - we were changed them on solid aluminum ones.

    subframe also was sandblasted and powder coated in gloss black.

    front arms, rear axle and and front anti roll bar got powerflex black series bushes.

    we were buying ST XTA coilovers kit (astra mk5 vxr) - which fits with some small modifications. front turret holes needs to be increased in diameter slightly.
    but not all going so smooth - on st springs, rear end sits really high (may be lightweighting gives those result), so we've bought shorter eibach ers linear springs (60nm) with helpers, and make new spacer rings, to fit springs correct between body and axle..
    to get maximum space for wider tyres on front, we also changed front springs on shorter ones (eibach ers 70nm, 140mm length). so after that coilover's lower nut stays higher then tyres, even on good lowering.

    our main target from the beginning was to fit 245 wide wheels (max allowed in our timeattack class) on good lowering without any rubbing, scratching etc.
    rear arches were rolled, on the front - only arch liners were cut in connection line with wings (and new fitting holes made)
    st xta colovers has oval holes on lower mounts and eccentric top mounts, so with max camber setting on the top we've get a lot space for our wheels.




    overall view
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  5. Awesome work as always mate, real top notch build
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  6. a shame there was no more updates.
    For interested ones, Instagram @mchus and @slon_workshop shows more
  7. sorry mate! :)
    i really thought that nobody interested in our build.
    i'll make some updates in next few days. we are posting in instagram only small part of allover work
  8. You know I’m always interested in your work mate (y)
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