Signum heated auto dimming offside mirror glass.

A quick question, I need to get hold of a heated auto dimming offside mirror glass for my Signum. Some kind person of uncertain parentage decided on the way back with my daughter to knock my mirror glass out. They obviously couldn't be bothered to stop and apologise for driving like a part of the female anatomy by being too far over. Am checking Ebay at present and so far nothing, any ideas would be appreciated. Fortunately the scuff on the back of the mirror back will polish out I think.
Only need the glass to be fair, found one on Ebay but the guy wants £50 for just the glass. Almost tempted to just put a plain heated one that doesn't dim on at that price. This is what I need.
Yeah mine is electrically adjustable, heated and auto dimming so a bit of a nightmare. I can get one that's heated for an electric mirror easily but finding one that's auto dimming is a pain.


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Cheers all, just debating whether I really need an auto dimming mirror or not. It's nice to have but is it a necessity. Will check out the leads and make a decision based on that. A plain aspheric mirror for an electric adjustable mirror is only 20 odd quid or less.
Only if the drivers side was an auto dimming one mate, the local franchise quoted over 200 plus vat. Thinking I may just stick a heated aspheric one on there and forget the auto dimming bit.