Signum Fog Surrounds


LHS Chrome p/n 13120744 --- 7.15 + VAT
RHS Chrome p/n 13120745 --- 7.15 + VAT
LHS Plastic back p/n 13120200 --- 6.25 + VAT
RHS Plastic back p/n 13120201 ------ 6.25 + VAT

Shall be ordering them tomorrow


They are chrome mate, guide is really only for me to follow for getting the bumper off to swap them over.

Rushy has them fitted to his, and they look great.
Matt said:
Local VX dealer doesn't have them in stock, so I need to go down to the Parts Department and order them in person for some reason??

notsure.gif It's odd i think it all depends on who you talk too, on the odd time i have ordered parts that are non stock items i have somtimes been asked to go in other times i have just given my details and they have called me ionce they have arrived.


Just been and ordered them. For these, I needed to go down and pay in advance, which explains why they wouldn't do it over the phone.

£27.76 with my trade discount, saved ~£5, and should be here tomorrow morning.


So, bumper off

While the bumper was off, I took the time to clean everything behind it, and give it a coat of wax for protection (taking a leaf out of Mark's book there)

Soaked in Meguiars APC

Agitated, and rinsed off

While the bumper was off as well, I noticed before the near side headlight was slightly loose. Turned out this bolt wasn't set in the fixing behind it, so sorted that as well.

Foglight units removed, those were caked in s**te as well, so gave them a soak in APC and a brush down

Nice and clean

The new bits

Fitted and bumper re-attached

I then had to make another trip to VX to get the plastic rivets which hold the bumper on the bottom, as there were only two fitted (think this may also have been the cause of a low speed rattle!) so 89p later 4 new rivets fitted.