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Lol I had no choice really my dads been a renault technical expert for 30 years and he could get it to budge even after taking the ignition switch off the other side and trying to knock it through we still don't know why it wouldn't move the new one slides in and out lovely lol.

What ill do is get a blade cut so the locking and starting are on one key the I've got a cheap key indoors I'll keep on my key ring incase the central locking plays up.
Tbh eventually I'll change the locks anyway as I don't have a key for the boot, it's off a scrap estate car so the lock is disconnected and runs off the power locks and after this I would prefer to have two coded working keys that both do everything if that makes sense lol


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I can't get opcom to work either the interface is fine but it still says interface communication error lol it's not my day today haha


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which version of the software has the ""vauxhall"" listing mine just has holden
and when downloading the bin its only 178k
it reports the ecu was programmed in 2007
I can get the code myself from the ecu using a cheap mpps clone from eBay.
I wanted to know if anyone had disused how to do this yourself on here.
I needed to do this because I removed an ECU which had been cowboy fitted by swapping the ECU, immobilizer and key chips from another car. I didn't know this and went to Vauxhall paid for the codes and what do you know, it didn't work!
I then managed to get the original car vin number from the ECU but was told I couldn't have the codes for this car as I don't have a V5 in my name for the ecu donor car. This was very annoying because I couldn't even get a refund for the useless carpass.
So I looked through the ecu bins for my car which I have the original ecu and carpass for and searched the hex code for my security code. I found the security code in 2 different offsets on 2 different ecu bins (they are both linked to my car with the same security code but have different software versions)
I read the flash on the new spare ecu and looked in the same place and hey presto! The security code is there in the same
place. I have now reset this ecu and reprogramed it with my security code and vin number with opcom.

I will post some pictures and a tutorial on how to do this if anyone is interested.
Is this threat still a live?

Anyways, I have a Astra G 2001 with the Z22SE engine. I'm a enthusiastic car mechanic and I love to fix a lot of things in my car. One of those things was to try to reset and reprogram the ECU. I use OPCOM to reset the ECU and I had the Car Pass of my car but surprise... the Secury Code was not right, my assumption is that, in the life of the car, one of the previous owners maybe change the ECU and it is not the same security code anymore.

Anyways, I decide to buy a MPPS v16 from AliExpress and just receive it today, try to get the SC using the steps from danprice7134 (attached) and my surprise was that I found the VIN and car information in the BIN file, a few lines before the 0x40aa position, but that exact offset all was FFs.
In the 0x60aa, everything was FFs and no luck with the code! :(

Does anyone know if this MPPS version is working or do I need the v12 or v13 to do so?

Any thouts? My car wont start and I'm desesperate



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There are about 6 ways to get hold of your car's security code. Shown in this video.
Out of the 6 you list there is only one that will work with the astra g and the z22se engine
#3 new car pass it's about £22.50 as of 2019 you will also need proof of ownership to get it
The only car that can show the code with opcom is the corsa c as in your vid