For Sale Schrick camshafts

Schrick cam shafts for the 2.2 engine.
Approximately 30,000 miles of use but in fantastic condition the lobes look brand new.
These are good for 10bhp N/A or 15bhp and 15 N/M torque across the Rev range on a SC engine.
I have removed them as I was having to restrict max rpm due to to much power for non forged pistons.
Price £200 + £10 UK delivery.
These are priced lower as supertech valve springs are required. These cams were over £1000 new when supplied as a kit with valve springs.
You may get more luck on the Facebook group than on here.
Great cam shafts, I have them in one of my 2.2's Ran standard cams in the supercharged one and still had to restrict the power until it was forged.