rusty bonnet

hi guys, just wanted some views on this. My '51 veccy is pretty good all round body wise bit on the front of the bonnet there are a few minor rust spots right on the front edge. There is also a slight dent. Was just wondering how a patch job would look if I take time over it. Any tips on tackling it. Don't really want to fork out for a full bonnet respray as its just along the front. Either that or put a bra on it.
I'm keeping an eye out for a good condition one but little harder to come across up here unless I pay a fortune for courier delivery. Is swapping out pretty straight forward then. Also is carbon wrapping a no no for a novice, watched a vid on YouTube and they made it look easy (obviously pros) but not sure how forgiving it would be for mistakes.


Swapping should be a case of removing the bolts holding the bonnet to the arms, and fitting the new one (and then lining it up before tightening everything back down fully)