rough idle poor acceleration

Hello to everyone

car is Astra 2001 Z22SE.

I have changed:
cts, spark plugs, coil pack, egr (new).

I have cleaned:

throttle body (and reset ecu with disconnecting battery).

today I will try to change fuel pump and fuel filter.

Problem is:

i have problems with idling (in every 30 to 50 sec mu rpm needle drops and I fell misfiring) engine shakes uneven.

when I accelerate and shift from 2nd to 3rd gear i fell hole or jerk in one time but in second time if I change form 2 to 3 gear I press accelerator pedal to full throttle and mu car just continue with same speed (like hesitation)

next when I am in 2nd gear and accelerate til 6000 rpm i feel go go go effect it is not line up acceleration.

what I have noticed with pressure regulator is that when I disconnect vacuum hose notihng happens, engine runs the same as with it connected