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Discussion in 'Car Discussion' started by patricks, September 29, 2017.

  1. Sad to report that my beloved ASTRA has been written off – I was hit by a learner driver :poop::poop: Damage isn’t great but far more than market value of the car..

    Would like to thank everyone here who has helped me keep it on the road with all your advice and help with my often stupid questions vocky corsaZ22se KevinH Dave Gilbert evocarlos Berto ZippyZafira Project L850 - sorry if I’ve missed anyone else just can remember the tags.....

    Was really gutted especially since I had fixed the oil consumption problem – it had been leaking oil through the rocker cover and main front seal. After 563,000km on the ODO it was only using 200ml of oil for every 1000km once I had fixed the leaks and it was still running STRONG! Compression 175-185 psi on all cylinders and it had never been overhauled!!!

    Have many happy memories with it and of course I’m going to try and buy it back from the insurance company and keep it as a project

    Pic below is after a spit and polish in 2014……it was rarely as clean as this as I was always too busy driving her lol….


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  2. sad news, especially after all your hard work :(
  3. ahw! that's not good. :cry::cry::cry:
    hope nobody was hurt?
  4. Sorry to hear that Patricks :( . Your indestructible Z22SE is an example of longevity.

    ^ Awesome! On which weight of engine oil was that?
  5. Real shame mate but good excuse to convert it to a track car
  6. More a labor of love Vocky but yes sooo sad

    Thoughtful of u to ask. Yep everyone Ok/

    On 10-40 PAO Berto. I believe it had a LOT of life left in her yet. Id say she would have made the million km mark

    My next car is going to be this


    Its basically a golf gti underneath the skin. Highly doubt it will equal the astra mileage lol. Hopefully z22se,co,uk will still be around by the time i get my Astra back on the road in a few years time :)
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  7. glad your all ok.
    best oil to use in the Z22SE i believe anyway. the life of yours shows this to.
    hope you don't have to spend to long in the Beetle and you can upgrade to a Vauxhall soon :)
  8. So sorry to hear the news of your beloved Astra :(. You really treasured and looked after her. You were so proud of the mileage (kilometerage, if that is a correct word) she had covered and I doubt anyone on the forum will ever match it.

    I hope you are able to salvage it from the insurance company, and gradually restore it to it's former glory !
    Is there much damage?

    Keep us posted.
  9. blob.

    Not much damage KevinH but certainly beyond my skill level to repair - drivers side door, and protections strips and fender. The wheel is pushed in so i a new wheel hub, tie rods and wheel arches and bumper need replacing. The wheel itself could be fixed i guess. Front Lights, fog lights and grilll all ok Doesnt appear to be any damage to bodywork that holds the drivers side front strut in place but i would have to replace both front struts themselves as the one on the drivers side took the hit. Car was still driveable and i didnt get the abs or tractions lights showing. So thats a bonus i guess.

    Id say about 5- 6K worth of damage but certainly fixable and chassis unscathed too.
  10. looks like bolt on parts.
    second hand parts from salvage yards for door/panels to keep costs down.
    not sure if you can do this over there?
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  11. The hard thing is that once a car is written off over here it cant easily be re-registered in the state of new south wales where i live. I may have to throw money at the registry office to buy back the VIN plates. Not sure. But yeah the car is certainly fixable. The other car involved was a write off and it only had bumper damage and air bags go off. Thats the problem with modern budget cars over here once the air bags go off it costs about 3k apparently to reinstall and so even a newer car can be written off. An easier option might be to buy a corsa thats not written off and put my astras engine in LOL. Fancy a trip to OZ lol........
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  12. if you pay the travel costs i will! :LOL:
    the guide i did is pretty good though.
    air bags can cause a lot of un seen damage to the dash area which can get expensive.
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