Reverse engineer ECU

I started to reverse engineer the ECU and the process is documented in my blog:

Unfortunately you have to use a translator in order to read it in english. Automatic translation is far from perfect but I hope the key points are understandable.
Currently the most interesting part is the comparison of different Z22SE ECUs:

Comments, questions are welcome.


Stupid Bollocks
good read i look forward to your progress :)
i had the same issue with the immobiliser just recently ended up having to remove all keys and reset the ecu then reprogram the the key chips to get the function back kept having p0602 think it was when i tryed to remove the immobiliser and it was not happy
Update again:

- The deactivation of the EGR map caused a noticeable and permanent power improvment in the low-mid RPM ranges for me, but did not allow to remove the valve itself. (low voltage error)
- New version of the comparison sheet is available:
- In one of my ECUs the EGR is completely disabled (despite the unchanged EGR map). With it removing the valve is possible.
some later 2003, perhaps 2004, astra ECUs had the egr disabled at the factory and never came with a valve
Yeah, I know that now. This is a bin from a 2004 Astra with 12594690 (latest I have) sw version. On another 2004 Astra bin with 12578132 sw the EGR is enabled. And I have a 2005 Astra bin with 12591333 sw that I haven't tried yet. If I have some luck, I could locate the specific part of the code that disables the EGR.
How did You uploaded it?
I mean did you flashed other bin file from 2005 car, or modified your original?
Beside tech2 you can also use many remap tools to upload a valid bin. I use MPPS v13.02 which is under 10 USD on ebay now.


Stupid Bollocks
positive i have mpps v13 but all it was able todo was extract the 1st half of the control side of the ecu not the actual engine control map the kb were wrong for the total file size an now i cant find the disc for mpps i dont suppose you have a copy uplaoded to the web?
New post again, but nothing really specific in it at the moment.

I found out that A/C is not working with the 12594690 sw that I uploaded last time, so I had to change back to the previous one.

Moreover I managed to reverse engineer the checksum calculation method by disassembling (partially) the binary. The method is tested and verified, but I do not publish the details right now.
However if anybody needs some checksum correction feel free to ask.