Reluctor ring position on Z16XER

Hi friends, this is a little bit off topic, but i needed to change flywheel on Z16XER with damaged starter toothing, and this engine has the reluctor ring under the flywheel near the crankshaft seal. I tought that it will only have one position to install, but it can be installed every 180deg. (crank has two locating holes). Does someone know what is the correct position in relation with timing marks?
yes, its Z16XER, its located under the flywheel, A16XER have it internal, but i found out the right placement, on first sight it seemed that it could be placed evers 180deg, but the flywheel bolt pattern is unsymetrical, so there is definitively only one position to fit.
I found some image of the engine, the hall sensor holder is seen on the image also the wire opening, connector is behind the starter. The reluctor itself looks a bit like an oil seal. A very stupid location even if the hall fails.