Refurb Whiteline RARB

Some months back I bought at a very reasonable price a Whiteline Rear anti roll bar off @Matt, the bar was in very good condition considering they are prone to rusting.

I then went to Courtney Sport and ordered a full new fitting kit with new brackets and bushes.

Last week or so thought I should get it fitted started off with cleaning down it with degreaser to expose a few blisters of rust, started with gentle sanding which turned into a headache as the paint started to flake off but majority wouldn't come off so I purchased a small sanding disc


Using the 80 Grit disc and a hour or so later the majority of paint was stripped.

I then went and zinc primed the whole bar which came out ok.


I then wet sanded down and started to use Hammerite rattle can, this was then a issue the paint didn't seem to adhere to the zinc primer eventually it did but wasn't great finish but ok.

I then gave a quick flat back and decided to give it a quick blast of normal clear lacquer, small test area a success then I did one side all went off fine and looked ok as below, well ok for underneath a car :)


Then I did the other side, complete failure, the Lacquer reacted and blistered all the paint like paint remover and ran to the other side peeling the other paint off as well :confused:.

So that's what I am upto, after doing some reading I shouldn't have used clear car Lacquer and Hammerite, well not unless its totally gone off and even then its not advised.

I will update but I am going to sand all the way back use normal primer and I have spare can of Rover Anthracite which I will attempt to use :rolleyes:


Stupid Bollocks
for hammerite paint you have to use hammerite special metal primer or direct paint to metal its crap paint lol tried that on the rear beam and had problems
you may have been better with an acrylic paint on top of your zinc primer and then a clear lacquer

i think the only way is to get them powder coated had mine new from Oz and within 2 years it was rusty i had thought about contacting whiteline but its been over 8 years now :)
I was considering powder coating Carl, but thought for under the car maybe not worth it, possibly was with the time spent now lol.

I remember you having issues with rear beam. It looked very similar with it running off.

Will see how I get on with stripping back photos to follow, if I get success.
All happy I applied a very light coat of filler primer and within 2 minutes this happened.


I have no idea why this is happening, so waited it for it to dry and rub back again. I was then going to buy some chip spray, before that I had a dig about and found a newish tin of Hammerite smooth, started with brush on bar has now had two thin coats and although it isn't a concurs finish but will do for under the car and it hasn't reacted lol. Will do photos of the hand brushed finish when done.


Stupid Bollocks
most rattle can paints will be acrylic and wont go on top of the enamel paint in hammerite also i dont think i have ever seen anyone in the world apart from matt use the yellow high build primer successfully
in word its ""s**t"" you cant put 2k paint on it as it reacts the same as you pics you cant put cellulose on it as the thinner reacts with it as in your pic lol

if you're ever down this way drop it off with me i will get it shot blasted and painted with acrylic 2k black problem solved :)

hammerite will go on top of hammerite but you have to do it within 6 hours or it lifts the lower layer when curing :)
It must be a South Yorkshire thing to use high build primer then lol, I just had it in a box thought I would use it up (y)

Thanks for the kind offer :) just finished off the last and third coat and it looks good left each coat around 8 hrs between each coat.
Well its done and although not the best paint job I have ever done its ok, will take a while for the rust to set back in with the amount of paint :rolleyes:.

The finished article ready to be fitted hopefully this weekend.


looks better than i thought :)
Cheers Carl :) as said not perfect by any means and not the best I have ever done but its fairly evenly covered, and has protection.

Still looks better than it did when you collected it from me.
Thanks Matt, although I could have just stuck it on in the condition you gave it to me as it wasn't that bad just wanted to protect it more and tidy it up a bit (y)
Well i popped to my mates garage, and got it all fitted, didn't feel much different until I got to some twistys and gave it some the car felt much more planted and didn't roll at all a well worth mod in my eyes that and the new sport contact tyres are a good balance :)

Also dropped the oil even after 2k but 3 and a bit months to keep it clean :)