reconstruction Z22SE (the jarama awaits me)

Hola este Navarra.
Yo llevo la modificación de los árboles y la línea de Astra H GTC 150 que es de 55 entera y al ser turbo desahogado bien y suena bien.
Catalizador anulado en 55 mm.
Caja de cambios de Zafira y volante motor aligerado.

are you Spanish? the translation has been perfect! hahaha, because thanks to what you have told me I have seen that the final ratio of the gearbox of the sapphire 2.2 is shorter than that of the astra, 3.95 that of the astra and 4.17 that of the zafira, it is noticeable something?
Well, gentlemen, my worst fears came true
The distribution chain started last week, doubling the two cylinder 4 exhaust valves, so I'm already working on rebuilding the engine.
Fortunately, I bend them very lightly, not damaging the walls of the cylinder, or damaging the cylinder, or damaging the seats of the valve.
I am working on the porting and polishing of the ducts of the stock, and f**k, I thought it would be easier, I spent 1 week working on eliminating the lines of casting of the intake ducts, without yet entering the exhaust duct .
This Friday I will bring down the stock, 0,5mm, you see it well? of board I have lowered 0.25, so in total I will lower 0.75, to leave it in a CR of 10.7: 1.

Regarding placing the intake manifolds of 2.4, it is still not clear to me what modification must be made in the alternator, since I read that the housing of the diode bridge did not get to enter the collectors, can you explain it better?
Soy de Irún y vivo cerca de Tudela,no tengo ni idea de inglés
ostia que bien jajajajaja, por eso decia por que directamente me salio tu comentario en español, por este foro me muevo con traductor si no no te enteras una mierda,
lo de la modificacion de los arboles a que te refieres, a arboles de levas o a los arboles contrarrotantes?