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reconstruction Z22SE (the jarama awaits me)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by IsaacZ22, January 7, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone, the first happy year!
    Sorry if you do not understand something of what I say, do not speak English, and I have to use the help of a translator.
    I tell you, my z22se astra is already close to 200,000 kilometers, I think the chain tensioner is warning that it can start, and the water pump seal loses me in most cases. I asked in one of my trusted workshops, and the change of the water pump next to the distribution reached 550 euros.
    and there what I tell you, my new project is going to be the complete reconstruction of my z22se, and I need your help.
    I have all the pieces located, but thanks to this forum I have discovered modifications to be able to extract something more from this engine.

    The first thing: Talk about b207r, why that piece? What is achieved with the installation of that piece?
    The second: The head gasket of the z22se is 0.5, but on the spare parts page you can find up to 0.35. I have seen that you can place the cylinder head gasket of the b207r which is 0.4. What do you recommend?
    The third: for more than I read about the elimination of balancing axes, I do not understand the installation of the bushings, does anyone with an idea of Spanish, or someone with an explanation, help me? I feel that question, but the translations into Spanish of the forum are gross

    My idea is to leave pistons and cranks as standard, changing all the bearings and segments. Remove balancing shafts, replace head gasket for larger CR, enlarge and polish intake and exhaust ducts. eliminate AC, and change the intake and exhaust manifolds. The car will be used to run mainly.
    soon upload photos of the car, since I have not uploaded any.

    the project is serious, and I could use all the help possible, because this engine here in Spain is very little known, and very undervalued.

    If you want to contact me for anything, you can find me on facebook like Isaac Hortelano Bravo, instagram: bravo816trs, and whassap; 657750488
    Thank you very much, and let this project go ahead.
  2. hello
    we use the saab b207/z20net engine as its a ready available engine with a few extra parts to help with performance (oil cooler,under piston cooling) not really required for a N/A engine mainly forced induction turbo or supercharged. most z22se parts are bolt on to the b207 as there based off the same engine platform to add there not a direct replacement for the z22se and wont work with an outright swap

    the b207/z20net head gasket is the thickest its triple layer and 0.68mm iirc
    the z22se gasket is 0.5mm triple layer
    the z22yh is the thinnest (higher CR) its dual layer and thinner than 0.5mm

    there is a guide on this forum for removing the balancer shafts permanently something vocky wrote a long time ago mainly its cutting the tip of the shaft and knocking the rear bearing in 7.5mm to block the oilway its a working a proven way there are many engines running like this without issue

    ive recently changed the pistons in my z22se to z22yh pistons this increases the CR (compression ration) from 10.0:1 to 11.0:1 when using a z22yh gasket
    some pictures here

    i hope that google translate make sense of what's written here lol
    would be nice to see a project log of you progress on this forum :)

    translated from google

    utilizamos el motor saab b207 / z20net ya que es un motor disponible con algunas piezas adicionales para ayudar con el rendimiento (enfriador de aceite, refrigeración por pistón) que realmente no se requiere para un motor N / A principalmente turbo de inducción forzada o sobrealimentado. la mayoría de las piezas z22se están conectadas al b207 ya que están basadas en la misma plataforma del motor para agregar allí no un reemplazo directo para el z22se y no funcionarán con un intercambio directo

    la junta de culata b207 / z20net es la más gruesa de su triple capa y 0,68 mm iirc
    la junta z22se es de triple capa de 0,5 mm
    el z22yh es el más delgado (mayor CR) su capa doble y más delgado que 0.5mm

    hay una guía en este foro para eliminar los ejes del equilibrador permanentemente algo volador escribió hace mucho tiempo principalmente cortando la punta del eje y golpeando el cojinete trasero en 7.5mm para bloquear la vía de aceite está funcionando de manera comprobada hay muchos motores corriendo así sin problema

    Hace poco cambié los pistones en mis pistones z22se a z22yh, esto aumenta la CR (ración de compresión) de 10.0: 1 a 11.0: 1 cuando se usa una junta z22yh
    algunas fotos aquí

    Espero que el traductor de google tenga sentido de lo que está escrito aquí jajaja
    sería bueno ver un registro de proyecto de progreso en este foro :)
  3. I think it will be difficult for me to find the pistons of the z22yh, anyway, I have time to find them, however, do you think that with the cylinder head gasket of 0.35 I will be able to reach CR 11: 1?
  4. i dont think it will get to 11.0:1 cr with just the gasket maybe 10.5:1 cr

    the manifold you linked to is not a direct bolt on and needs to be cut and rewelded to suit not worth the hassle
  5. if someone had data on the volume of the combustion chamber could make calculations and find out the compression ratio that could be achieved with the cylinder head gasket of 0.35, however, so they are worth the z22yh pistons on ebay I would not mind buying them . Regarding the collectors of the chevrolet, (4-2-1) asked if the part that fits directly into the stock is worth, I know that with the 2 part would have to modify
  6. Why not? Does they use really cheap steel? Most of the stainless steel on ebay, rust after a month or so.
  7. 304 and 306 stainless steel will rust after its had a few heat cycles that manifold is made with plain steel much lower heat tolerance if you were going to spend £250 it would at least have to be stainless steel construction and not mig welded :)
  8. Combustion chamber is 53.2cc.
    Piston to deck height 0.45mm
  9. Fair enough. But can we agree that even the stainlesssteel manifold, is not that going to live as long as the original castiron
  10. debatable that the cast manifold can last either with them cracking :)
  11. just skim the head by 1mm and use a standard z22se head gasket if you want 11:1 CR
  12. [QUOTE = "vocky, post: 1258001, member: 13"] solo raspe la cabeza por 1 mm y use una junta de cabeza estándar z22se si quiere CR 11: 1 [/ QUOTE]

    If it is not necessary to rectify the cylinder head, it would be best to install a cylinder head gasket of 0.4? since the standard board of the z22se is 0.50
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