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rattle on start up.

Discussion in 'Cam Chains' started by taxi ken, September 16, 2010.

  1. i have a 2001 vectra 2.2 sri. i had both chain kits replaced last november and ive done around 10k since.
    when i start the car hot or cold i get a rattle more when cold.
    i have been told that its the tensioner and told of someone else that it could be sticking. when the cars warmed up its lovely and quite. the tensioner i got with kit has the rounded top is this the right 1?
    anyone has any ideas id be greatfull as its driving me mad!!!!!
  2. they can stick mate maybe worth whipping one off from another car and seeing if it will do the same or take it off when the car is cold and look it it moves freely maybe
  3. can i just take it out without the worry of the timming moving? if its slack it will need replaced wont it? ive had to many people at work telling me differant things its got my head done in. i just want it fixed!
  4. set the engine to TDC and you can remove the tensioner
  5. cheers mate will try that tommorow. fingers crossed thats all it is cant need a chain after 10k?
  6. went out today in the car started it and got the rattle for about 8 secs then it went quite rev it to 2500 rpm and its back but go's completly when warm.
    been told this could be the cam followers not the chain tensioner? has anyone else had this problem?
    at the stage now when iam thinking of putting another chain kit on.
    any help or advice would be greatly received thanks.
  7. as in the tappets rarely do they fail
  8. cracked exhaust manifold sounds similar to a dodgy chain, the tappets can get noisy, but not a common problem
  9. fitted a new manifold last month. think ill just fit another chain kit and hope that sorts it.
  10. changed my tensioner a couple of weeks ago and ive had no problems its been like driving a new car!
    thanks for the advice. :D
  11. hello

    where did you get the tensioner on its own from mate? i can't see them for less than 90 quid
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