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Discussion in 'Engine Queries' started by tofferson, November 14, 2017 at 1:14 PM.

  1. Im replacing my standard fan with spals but on back of original fans are some electrical components that plug in, Ive took them from the fan but unsure if I need them plugged in any help would be great cheers
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  2. Hi tofferson,

    Not sure if original resistor will suffice but you will require some sort of resistor kit when fitting Spal fans, (Evocarlos, Milo and a few others have fitted them, so they should be able to advise).

    For info, Part #: 90589723 Resistor, radiator fan (bosch 3134503069) (used with air conditioning) (used with manual transmission)
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  3. I removed them all together and fitted a inline electrical rad switch. It’s adjustable so can set it to kick in whenever you want
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  4. Yer think figo126 did that also so think that will be the way forward :)
  5. removed them on my Corsa.
    slightly different set up as no cooling module just relays.
    2x 10" Kenlowe fans both supplied by their own relay but triggered from same ECU output and single speed.
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  6. Did any of you have any faults come up from not having the resisters and module plugged into loom also aircon also has gone so hoping that don’t throw up an error.
    I’m crap with electrics :(
  7. Since i removed the aircon i keep getting the fan light on, but only when the fans kicked in. When carl fitted the spal fans he wired in a resistor to the switches and the light still came on whwn the fans kicked in. Even changed the xoolant module but no change. Doesnt bother me as no light is on untill the fan kicks in. I can live with it
  8. I saw in your thread you had spals, like you say I suppose I could put up with the lights if I have to :)
  9. Tbh bud i thinks luck of the draw. As 5M1THY got the same set up and he never gets any light's on the dash.
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  10. I removed the cooling module all together and have no lights on the dash
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  11. Strange how things differs from car to car
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