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Discussion in 'Supercharger' started by Kb1974, January 28, 2016.

  1. The vocky I've had a quick look at ya garage and see u drive a vx220 is it a s/c version and did u fit it?


    I only ask as I'm looking to do this to my cab n have a few questions,

    1. Do I have to install a charge cooler?

    2. I have seen a kit with the above included but missing the tb, so can I use a gsi one or does it have to b the lsj one?

    3. As I stated in my opening post, I don't really know much about the s/c ers what is the purpose of the charge cooler? Is it like the fmic/oil cooler but with water run through it to keep the charger cool?

    4. I wasn't planning on major power yet just a factory bolt on set up, do I need a remap map for this? And apart from c/s is there anyone in the n/West area u know of who can do this?

    5. If and when I do decide to up power, when would internals need to be modified?

    Thanks to anyone who inputs to this.

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  2. Hi Karl

    1. Yes, charge cooler is necesseray to cool the inlet compressed air. As turbo's engines. More boost = more heat. Hot air give less power and can generate knock and damage engine.
    2. You can use your own T/B with adpater plate.
    3. Look at this vid, hot compressed air pass trhough air to water "laminovas" : heat is transfered to water. This water need to be cooled by a water to air charge cooler.

    4. Yes more air = more fuel to keep correct AFR. Done mine with obdtuner firmware.
    5. More 250bhp needs internal mods

    Good luck for your project !
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  3. Cheers bud.
  4. internals everyone changes to forged for anything over 270bhp.

    i have turbo charged mine on standard internals and hope to see 250/260bhp.

    supercharger is the best option in a astra welcome to the site by the way
  5. Thanks dave, but I don't see me going that far, as the Insurance will jump enough with just the s/c declared on top of the other mods I've already declared to them.

    Any ideas how much bhp will I achieve with just the standard remap?
  6. with the charger, charge cooler and the right pulley, injector combo etc you could see 267bhp (i think thats the most anyone has got on standard internals.

    evocarlos corsaZ22se vocky milo dewismotorsport are all over 240 and as much as 340ish bhp i think
  7. Nice, looking forward to that then.
    Thanks for the help, just gotta wait for the rest of the money now then before I order one.
    Am looking forward to it now.
  8. Ha ha another question I've just thought of, can't I fit the colbalt ecu? I know mine only has 2 plugs and the colbalt has a 3rd anyone know if I can bypass the 3Rd plug?
  9. Aye mine quick but till I find this leak next mod maybe petrol can + match = easy fix :ROFLMAO:
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  10. My vx220 is still Normally Aspirated, but it is running mid 200's due to a few tweaks :D

    I will know the exact figure at the end of February when it's been mapped.
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  11. No, too much jobs to use LSJ's ecu. Crankshaft triggerwheel, ignition coil pack, fuel rail, alternator, loom are differents. Also find transponder and immobiliser issues ... :banghead:
  12. simple enough to get Courtenay to load a base map on to your ecu then get them to custom tune it when you have got it running.
    as the others have said though 260ish is about the limit a stock motor will take safely.
    mine was still climbing at 280bhp when I took her for the mapping so they capped it down and put a rev limiter on to stay safe while I built a forged bottom end.
    really is a simple conversion and a no brainer in terms of bhp/£ gain. can all be done in a weekend as well.
    hope you have as much fun building yours as I have. (y)
  13. corsaZ22se I don't mind paying for the map via c/s but I don't want t do a 10+ hr round trip for them to tweak it.
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  14. its worth the trip! 8 hour round trip for me. I stay over in Norwich or go early and stop for massive breakfast then sleep while im there :LOL:
  15. I did it from newcastle for mine well worth it tbh
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