So lets add our names n see if we can get enough people for a stand.

then if we have enough people we can decide whos paypal account we are using n go from there?

Dont forget how many cars n how many people are in that car.
I dint say I was arranging it I just said lets get a list going hahaha.

also thought that the passes will all get sent to 1 place so depending on everyones plans we will need to send them out or bring them down on the day and meet to give everyones tickets.

so may be a few quid ontop but thats no big deal. Just want to be completely clear on costs like.
Just looked at travel lodge at 28quid a room for the 6th.
but I cant see any twins so if your going with a mate make sure your close mates n dont mind shareing a bed hahaha. Not sure if to camp or travel lodge yet.