project freeze my signum off


Stupid Bollocks
well ive started a new project picked up a 2.0lt signum very cheep that had loads of work done for the last mot and then it had a plug come loose damaged the thread and poped out the top

soon got that sorted with a m14 recoil kit :)
1491925182995.jpg 1491929287659.jpg

while i was doing the plug i put a new main chain on

bit dirty and looking sorry for its slef

121k miles later lol

after a wash it started to come clean

a nice sort of clean

and then the engine bay had the usual treatment and that looked 100 times better to


and as with all preface vectras the headlights were muffed so took about sanding the faded laquer off then applying new laquer


also a bit of rust bubbles taken care of on the bottom of the drivers door

stripped the boot out and gave it all a good wipe down

much better :)

the boot catch was rusty so sorted that to with my new shot blasting cabinet
before and after

before and after back side

all clean

no paint just fertan :)

picked up some bits to repair the door paint,tape,wet&dry.....

after having the car a week or so a few little niggles poped up that annoyed me
the head lamp leveling was non functional looks like the motor was rusted to bits

good job astra g motor PCB's are the same :) bit of a swap round and now all working

the brakes creaked when pushing the pedal at a stand still and both front disc were scrap
new ones going in with painted and greased calipers

even fitted a set of braided front lines i had laying around then did a full brake fluid change

had problems getting 3rd when driving and also at low speed the dual mass was playing tennis
after draining the mtf it was apparent that the 4.2l in there was way too much lol
its now got 2.6l and working fine no more dual mass tennis

some other jobs
the coolant low warning kept flashing up so washed the bottle out and changed the level sensor for it to still give the error i ended up unplugging the body loom and washing out the plug with carb cleaner its since never came back on

then i had a reverse lamp warning altho the bulb was on
the car has a tow bar and all i can think is the guy fitting it broke the wire out the plug his fix was to solder the earth direct to the inside of the lamp housing :confused:



i found the right terminal with the right colour wire in a dead mk4 astra dash loom used that to replace the missing wire to the plug and its now working as should

im sure there will be many other little thing that will pop up over time :)


Stupid Bollocks
Fixing the rusty door bottom
Primer went on this morning

Guide coat to make sure its all flat

Silver going on next step clear coat :)


Stupid Bollocks
big stripe of water under the car yesterday this came after doing a coolant change had a whiff of coolant ever since having the car so now its shown itself to be the water pump
heres to the £29 new one lol

oh how i hate fitting waterpumps to NET's stupid turbo in the way :)


Stupid Bollocks
Nice work as always Carl. I still fancy one of these as a run around, and getting rid of Amy's Fiat 500.
Its a bit of a luxury drive in comparison to the astra
I looked at a silver lighting one back in 2006 but walked away with the 17k price tag

Fitted the water pump on friday bitch of a job with the turbo in the way
but managed to do it all from the top side with some ninja movements round the cat
Its all working now and ive flushed the cooling system as at some point rad weld had been used

I think the balancer chain may have more than moved on the tensioner as it making a squeaky sound like a bad belt will be fitting a balancer chain in the near future as its always been noisy

Some pics :)
Pump removed round the back

Bit of a shock to find a 2.2 pump in there and not the metal impeller type

The dreaded water pump tool
For what its worth its better to take the timing cover off (broken fingers) :)

New pump in not bad for £29 came with all new seals to

Imagine threading a needle in the dark with one hand tied up with you legs on fire and that's still no where near as much pain to get the bolt holes lined up in the pump sprocket lol


Stupid Bollocks
Almost forgot
The power button on the radio would not let you turn it off so i pulled the face off cleaned the switch and touched the soldering iron on all the terminal its all now working :)
I think the balancer chain may have more than moved on the tensioner as it making a squeaky sound like a bad belt will be fitting a balancer chain in the near future as its always been noisy
your balancer chain tensioner is too tight, you need to remove it and reset it before it kills the guides


Stupid Bollocks
Good work as always.

I had a plastic water pump in the B207 lump I got too, might of been a age thing?!
Thanks :)
It must of been an age thing my new gen2 came with metal type the ceramic ones are more common to the 2.2

your balancer chain tensioner is too tight, you need to remove it and reset it before it kills the guides
Cheers neil thats what i had assumed it was guess i know what im doing later lol


Stupid Bollocks
25min must be a new record the investment of a 1/4" air ratchet made it an easy job and the noise has gone it was proper tight on the chain

The door looks real bad in the pic lol


Stupid Bollocks
Put a generic map on the siggy Friday morning extra giggle factor added and all for 2min 15sec upload time :)
With a 100mile trip its pulling back an mpg of around 29
And the a/c is gased and functional
I guess there will be more work soon
Td04 11t to replace the garret