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Project freeze my insignia off 2018

Discussion in 'Projects' started by evocarlos, February 26, 2018.

  1. What was actually causing the noise? ... just the disc catching the backplate due to rust?
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  2. rusty lip on the inside was catching the back plate i just flappy padded the disc and painted it to clean it up ,cleaning all the squeal shims and regressed the pads and the caliper sliders all working with no noise now :)
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  3. nice a cheap unlike the 4X4 badge :confused:
  4. well after having the AFL controller recalibrated the main beam still would not function so bit the bullet and bought a replacement headlamp

    it arrived today and was real clean

    quick plug in test proves that it was the headlamp main beam shutter servo at fault

    and then there was no AFL errors :)

    even got the haldex service kit today so next up is to get that done
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  5. result :D
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  6. Is this going to be your new daily for a while? Or put right and sell on?
  7. over the moon with that lol still lots to do :)

    this is the new daily and its to good to sell on its only done 60k and they dont come up often :)
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