Project freeze my insignia 4x4 off 2018


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just finished off a 1l bottle need to get more lol will have to wait till monday its not cheap but it is a fantastic product
once its done its magic over night it will be washed off then dried painted with zinc based paint and overcoated with black waxoil "schutz"
for a 9 year old car some of the parts look like there off a 17year old car but i will soon fix that :) im now thinking of getting the rear sub frame blasted and powder coated :confused:
I have used Fertan and,as you say, it's a great product for treating rust. I certainly recommend it. (y)


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plans changed
the pinks got to go there is no paint in the world that will go over it i went out and bought a raptor kit and some etch primer
going to get all the niggleys off then do it again with the raptor coat in a hvlp gun for a smooth finish

the plan is to drop the rear subframe and the fuel tank and put the raptor on the full rear end


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loads more parts taken off today still no where near getting the diff out or fuel tank off lol
i did go over the rear light with the new mini air d.a with a 3000 grit pad then buff to a shine with the das6 :)



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wheels are back from the coaters with the new tyres fitted :)

went down to vauxhall and picked up my new battery the one that's on went flat after 2 days im guessing it was the original from 9 years ago

popped in to see the guy on the parts desk and made an order every part was a non stock and only available from stock at the factory in germany
lol must be cause the 4x4 is not so common in the uk theres only 72 on the road :confused:
the heat shilds and the retainers were muffed from the pic above ive ordered #6,#7,#8,#9,#2 x12

then on this pic ^^^^ bushes for the rear subframe 2x #2, 2x #3, 2x #4

and with all the parts to the rear subframe and suspension getting powder coat the bushes will need changing shot blast kills them
parts from that pic are x2 on these #2,#3,#5,#6,#8,#9,#27 can't get #11 & #12 so had to buy 2x #10 arms with the bushes already in

the car will soon be up to scratch well my kind of ready lol :)


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The wheels now look very smart indeed. (y)
I bet all those genuine parts must have cost a pretty penny (assume you get a discount though).
cant wait to get them back on got some paint for the center caps
i was susperied at the cost of the 14 bushes worked out at £209 thats cheaper than aftermarket ones the issue is that part #10 having to buy that as a whole and not just the bushes put the cost up a bit

some more stripped off today

bolt on the prop snapped :confused:

morfe showing me what to do

rear subframe dropped

broken stud removed after welding a nut on

all bits stripped off the subframe ready to get the bushes pushed out

the magic box ""haldex GEN4 XWD with Elsd" :)

next up for tomorrow is get the tank off


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the stage 1 map is basically the same as the stage 2, but the stage 2 has the downpipe and intake ;)
i read the bit where you can fit the bigger turbo and not worry about the map the ecu just up's the fuel pressure in the rail to keep afr :) not that i would do that but it sounds good lol

and i finally got some etch primer on the stripped clean and rust treated arch next step to get the rest clean and put the raptor epoxy primer on


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finally found the time to get the fuel tank off the black insignia

tank cover had seen better days

washed all the gunk off

the new cover has a spot of bare metal in the middle where it had been spot welded so put some cold galvanising paint on

removed both metal rings for the pump and 2nd float then added waxoil to stop any rust if ever i need to get them out in the future

driver side rear arch needs the same treatment as the passenger rear

underbody above the tank looks good just a few bits on the spot welds and edges