Project Freeze My engine Off (SAAB B207R Supercharged)


Stupid Bollocks
i cant see the difference unless the battery was flat on the insignia and the alternator on from the astra is muffed
the insignia one worked on the astra but the power steering took a while to see the output from the exciter wire (i may have put it on the wrong terminal) the insignia uses the digital input also the astra is single wire you will get it working im sure of it they were both charging in the swap just the astra alternator on the insignia was turning the charging on and off every 3 sec

update on the astra engines all done and running

i booked the mot for the astra and the 2nd insignina for sat morning on friday so had to race the clock to get both cars ready for mot in on day

safe to say both cars passed the mot
now to run the engine in and then fine tune the map