Programming a new key chip Help!

Hi Guys,
I'm new here and I would like to know if inserting a new ignition barrel and key, I would, of course, need to program the new key chip as my old chip has broken. I have read that if you insert the key in the ignition at 3 times at 10½ minutes to position 3 and back to position 1 total 31½ minutes, that you are able to program a new T5 chip. Is this info correct, or would I have to have the chip programmed via a locksmith shop.

I have yet to remove the old barrel as it's stuck on 0 and I need to be able to turn the key to 1, no luck as yet. I have tried every method. If I have to remove the barrel via banging in a screwdriver and twisting it to position 1 or would it be better to drill it out or even both.
Thanks for any help!

Opel Vectra B - 2.0i 16v - 1996
Thanks Vocky for the info. I thought I could save some money in trying to program the chip myself in some way. I have read some stories on YouTube on how to DIY, there must be some truth in it somewhere?
Thanks Vocky for that info. These people who post DIY misleading programming chips from your car even with pics, should get you know what kicked!
I just discovered that this DIY chip programming on YouTube is only for cars in the USA which they quote in very small print LOL!
I also found out that Vectra B 1995-1997 use the T5 chip and Vectra B 1998-2002 use the T12 chip. Good to know if someone buys the wrong chip thinking that T12 works on any Vectra B.
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