Product Reviews


All, we are looking for some people to do some reviews of the car cleaning products which they use.

This will help other people to get an idea of what would be best suited to get the finish they want.



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Wud it be possible to have subsections on the product reveiws,wud be easier for people to find wot there looking for,instead of trawling thru pages....
I have just sent matt a pm on how he wants to run it Daz, like you say it may be better that way.

section for = Wash / Wax (LSP) / Wheels & Tyres / Polish where people can add reviews??


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Update.....unfortunately havent ordered from Instead placed an order with and got a nice 13% discount!! Will upload a pic of my box of goodies when it arrives tomorrow


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Order arrived today from and from opening the box i'm impressed!! Best packed box I've seen in a long time! All items in bubble wrap and then filled to the top with Styrofoam balls all way to the top for extra protection during transit and here's my goodies.......


From left to right.....

1. Valet Pro Ph Neutral Snow Foam 1ltr
2. Wolf's Chemicals Deironizer 1ltr (Like Iron X)
3. Chemical Guys Mr Pink Shampoo
4. Auto Glym Autofresh (Used this for years and is prob the best air freshener that lasts)
5. 2 x Blue Perl Micofibre Applicator pad
6. Dodo Juice Microfibre Wash Sponge
7. Poorboys Natty's Blue Paste Wax 8oz
8. Poorboys Quick Detailer+ (Spray head inc)
9. Poorboys Black Hole
10. 4 x Ultra Fine Buffing Towels (Microfibre)

All in with next day 24hr delivery it came to £79.42. Which I think is a cracking deal in my books and this extra little gesture is what going to keep me coming back......


So if your guys need to stock on your cleaning gear I highly recommend

All I need is the weather to break so I can detail the coupe as its a mess atm with all the salt on the road. Also I'll be doing some reviews of some of the stuff I got and adding some pic's as well.