Precat or not?

My list, currently, is :
200 cell Magnaflow cat £70
8" flexi £10
90 degree bend £11.50
45 degree bend £12.50
1m straight pipe £22
2 lambda bosses (these are the extended ones) £20
2 2-bolt flanges £14
1 3-bolt flange £15.50

No O2 sensors and £175.50 but I'm sure I've missed something.
you don't need extended lambda bosses, (just 2 standard ones) or any flanges, and the exhaust you got from me I think is 2 1/4" where it meets the cat. you can use the manifold to downpipe flange from your old exhaust, but you will need 3x new nuts and a gasket. think I had a 30* bend not 45*
will look something like this when done.