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Engine / Transmission Pre-Cat Removal


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Pre-Cat Removal (version 1.0) - Pre-Cat Removal

Tools Required:
Socketset with sockets 8mm,10mm,13mm
Open ended spanners 13mm,10mm 23mm
Longs ocket extension
Chisel & Hammer
Electric Drill with drill bits
Copper Grease & WD40

Jack up the front of the car up and make sure it's secure!
Remove the ignition key and do not start the car till the mod had been finished.

From the back of the engine bay remove the heat shield from the exhaust manifold like in the picture below. (1st picture)

Now from under the car using a long...
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wouldn't know? mine has flowed head, bigger cams, full exhaust including manifold and a custom remap.
used to average 36mpg in the vectra b as a daily. upto 42mpgs on a long motorway run.
car was full of audio which made it heavy, around 1700kgs which eats up more fuel