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Just letting people know that my new business venture is up and pretty much running, bar finishing the website and sorting a phone ( I can use my personal one for time being )

I am a dealer for a well known remapping specialist, so I can offer reliable and tested maps for pretty much anything.

Usually I can supply normal remaps such as below;

Economy; Mild increase in power and torque along with a increase of fuel economy, for those who want economy but don't trust their right foot :)
Stage 1; Maximum increase in power and torque along with the best possible increase in fuel economy, in most diesel cases 20-25% sometimes more.

Other options are available if needed; Speed Limiter removal & addition, RPM Limiter removal & addition, DPF Removal, EGR Removal even launch control is possible.

If you have a car that's modified outside normal specifications such as MK4 Astra Turbo with VXR turbo upgrade etc, this can be done too.

My prices are much more value for money that most others out there; drop me a message with your model and registration, I will come back with figures and prices.

Z22SE forum members get a special discount too ;-)

Don't forget to visit and like my Facebook Page :)
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