Vectra C Power steering pump

Hi everybody.
On my Vec C Z22SE/AT5 the power steering pump has stopped working. There is a unit with rectangular shaped oil tank and white connectors. I have a spare pump, wich is fully woking, also has the rectangular shaped oil tank but the connectors are black. Could this pump be swapped for the black one?

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It is this type:

It has faulty oil temperature sensor. It works for about 1minute and then goes off with DTC Oil temperature too high, but the oil is still cold. So i think it will the pump. Fuses seems to be OK. (Did you mean the High power pump for the motor, or the lower fuse for the control circuitry?


Hi everybody,
i just swapped the pumps. Everything works ok after proper variant coding and CAN programming. So if everyone encounter a failed pump the black connectors (equipeed with fluid level sensor) and white connector (without level sensor) can be swapped.