possibly selling Zafira A 2.2SRI

Good evening all.

copied and pasted text from facebook. Please ignore the car being a bit dirty.

Vauxhall Zafira A 2.2SRI

Black, 77000 miles, 10 months MOT, clean interior and all bodywork and panels are in very good condition. No modifications to the car other then smoked headlights and sprayed grill. V5 present with service history, radio code and MOT Sheets.

I purchased this car around 2 and a half months ago with the intention of keeping this long term for me and my family, however on a trip a few weeks ago, the EML light came on and the car lost power. After getting it to a garage since the RAC couldn't diagnose, the mechanic changed the plugs and tried a coilpack. This cured the slight misfire but still was smoking and lumpy driving. After doing a compression test on the plugs, the mechanic said its a potential knackered engine but needs a head off job to determine. I don't really have money to spend investigating so putting her up for sale as a whole. I only have the front picture of it at the moment and one of the rear as a camera picture before i bought it. The car is still down in Amesbury waiting to be picked up but will get it back to me in 2 weeks time to be cleaned. Car is missing a parcel shelf cover as the one that came with the car was knackered.

Please note the car runs but struggles to get to 60mph. Would be best to trailer away just to be safe.

offers around 700. Don't be afraid to offer either.


i am buying an "as new" coilpack to try on the car for next weekend to see if it cures the issue. If so i will be selling the car as a runner for a little more money if i buy a GSI this week.