Please help raise awareness!!!!


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as above please help raise awareness for this truely awful crime.:cry:

there i was trawling the internet, imagine my suprise at the third suggested answer on google after i typed in 'dolphins',
apon hearing about the dolphin rape case written at the link above i took to trawling to see wether this was fact or fiction.

imagine my suprise to have been on several answers sites AND marine biology sites all seem to confirm that this truely awful crime is possible and indeed likely!**:eek:

i have ordered myself some car stickers to show support for these heinous crimes and their victims.

please look into it do some internet sluething yourself and you decide!!

ill never look another dolphin in the eye again, and now realise the little boy in flipper was probably a victim of 'Dolphin grooming'


**not sure about the rape cave bit:rolleyes:


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Um the stickers a wee bit larger than expected, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to put it on:eek:

Still the dogs on board!

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Hahaha, that picture is quality. Dog doesn't look impressed at the thought of dolphins raping people :confused: