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Piper fast road cams any good for SC

Discussion in 'Supercharger' started by dewismotorsport, January 19, 2015.

  1. as above are the piper fast road cams any good on a supercharged engine? Are they needed or are the standard z22se cams more suited? Car will be mostly used on track in the near future so not overly concerned about idles etc.
  2. Are the internals done on engine,

    If not just use standard cams there good enough for the power the engine can handle
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  3. Not yet no internals are standard, gonna build a spare engine up for 300bhp+ so may just save them for that then (y)
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  4. they will push the bhp up to mid 270's and that will make your engine break :rolleyes:
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  5. standards cams will do that :)
    img060 (Medium).
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  6. and more! :p
    I spoke with Courtenay sport about putting my shrick cams back in when I finish rebuilding the engine and they said I would only see minimal gains over standard and instead I should look to getting a set of comp cams blower cams.
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  7. Steve's was 260bhp with so still had plenty to come
  8. consider the above graph is only at 6000rpm :)
  9. ohhh comp cams you say :)
    WP_20150107_19_42_29_Pro (Medium).
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  10. which ones are they carl?
  11. stage 3 turbo :) only £150 with very very little use like 20mins hehe
  12. you are really going all out with your new engine (y)
  13. Cams are one thing I can't seem to get my head around.

    Ive been looking at ditching the money for my respray and investing in some beadwork to go with my sc build. The thing I have found is that fi engines don't appreciate the valve overlap (the positive pressure must just force the air in one end and out the other I guess) I really want some high lift cams (11.5mm or something silly like that) Is there any way of changing the timing of the exhaust cams to reduce the overlap. Can we get adjustable cam sprockets for chain driven engines. We don't have the luxury of vvt on these :(

    Cams are such a minefield of information :(
  14. you need overlap for scavenging :) and most engine that are not pushrod have overlap
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  15. the standard cams work okay upto about 260bhp or so, anything more than that and you should replace the rods with steel items anyway.
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