Phase II - saab head + 11:1 CR


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i want to swap brains with vocky, come to think of it he could probably do that transplant aswell :)
well today I decided to go for a little drive, the engine started with the usual couple of cranks and the piper exhaust was still rather quiet. Cold tickover is about 1000 rpm, so I had a slowish drive until the temp gauge was reading 80C and the oil gauge a steady 75 psi.

Once I had passed 100 miles (since the rebuild) I went to the next phase of 'running in', so half throttle up to 5000 rpm.

It seemed to be quite slow and after a few miles I wondered whether it had any extra power, it seemed slower than before and wondered why I bother spending thousands tuning my vx220 :confused:

So what the hell, I dropped a gear and gave it 6500 rpm...... :eek:

Hmmm, ok, thats why I spend thousands on tuning, I think the speedo must be connected to the rev counter the way it shot up :LOL:

Certainly the power band has changed, as soon as 5500rpm is passed the cams really 'kick in', should be good once the rev limiter is 7800rpm showo..

Not sure what it sounds like now, nothing like a vx220, the induction roar is now fighting to be heard above the exhaust :wtf:

The oil pressure was surprising, at 6500 rpm it was 125 psi but at least it did drop back to 75 psi whenever the revs dropped.

Once back home the piper was louder than the previous milltek, not sure whether it will quieten down when cold or it's just settled. The exhaust gases give a healthy pounding to your hand, so no restrictions in this exhaust :D
could never tell what you meant by saying to make the valve inlets/outles straight instead of angled inwards..
but now I have one on my desk I can see exactly what you mean :)

What did you do with the extra water vapour vent hole?

oh that :LOL:

As I have a different ecu the original z22se temp sensor position is used for the alpha ecu's new temp sensor.

I have fitted an elise S1 temp sensor to that position for my seperate dash temp gauge. The bolt is used for the coolant return feed for the expansion tank.
you need to fit the metal coolant pipe or a pipe fitting for the coolant return

the metal pipe costs about £20 and includes a new bolt and washers, so complete :)
I have just got off the phone to Northampton Motorsport :LOL:

so you only have three weeks to wait.......................

just reached 250 miles too, so halfway to running it in :D