Phase II - saab head + 11:1 CR

it will work most gauges, but it may not be 100% accurate on some gauges - but then it doesn't really need to be as it's only an indication of what the engine temp is, rather than being the ecu sender which needs to be spot on.

I used an industrial temp gauge to measure the engine temp (on the block) and my gauge is within 5 degrees, obviously the water might be slightly hotter than the block anyway dunno..
Vocky I want to tell you a great thanks. 'cause using your manual I had installed SAAB head on my Z22SE. Mine was cracked.
And you know, it's a real problem to find a "health" head in Russia. Some cars stay in garages for half a year or even more.
So I desided and did it!
And you know, I made about 3500 miles so far, and everything is just fine!

PS I'm the first russian z22se owner with SAAB head :D The next one dude is under construction.
PPS By the way I had leave opel cam cover.