passenger side mirror removal


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Can anyone help with instructions removing the black plastic panel with the red square I don't want to break any clips holding it in place. Some idiot crashed into my mirror. and worse, refuses liability....


Just a word of warning, they may be like the ones on my mates Zafira. One of them is actually on a slotted hole so you don't have to undo it completely (if you do it falls into the door recess never to be seen again which is why on a new one they give you a spare, lol).


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Yep i learned the hard way to always use a magnetic tools when i dropped a socket down my timing case :) Got the screw out but the plastic thingy feel down into the door ill have to fish it out,,,,,,,,,,,,
I found that out at work when I did a colleagues mirror on his old Zafira. I did wonder at the time why there was a spare bolt in the box then I found out why, lol.