Painting calipers


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Cheers matt. Not looking forward to doing it but might aswell While the brakes are being changed. Should look good with new shiny parts tho.
my only advice its not to use any copper grease near the rubbers it makes them swell and ruins them
black grease on the sliders and under the piston dust seal
you dont have to go full on super clean like mine but i like to do it right
some short cut links for you :) you will have to read on a bit past the other posts to see the full images
rear calipers
i never removed the pistons in the rears as there a pain to get back on the spindle so just made sure they were free moving

front calipers
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cheers carl. i never went to extreme with them. i painted them on the car after a clean. they look aright. only thing is i got some paint on the pad. looks abit messy because of that.