OpCom China Clone

I purchased the china clone OpCom interface and software a while back but some of the config files for the Z22SE are missing, which is stopping me from disabling the aircon.

Does anyone have the software that they don't mind sharing or have a link so I can download it?

Many Thanks,



Stupid Bollocks
there is no need to disable the air con when its off there is no intervention
mk4 astra needs the pressure switch left in plugged in and the ac fan resistor plugged in for the cooling module on the 2002>

there's a lot of files missing with opcom even if there there most of them don't function
problem is the previous main rad had a leak and having no intentions of using the AC, I replaced with a non AC rad, therefore I no longer have an AC fan resistor (rad was binned) and the AC pump has been removed. The intention was to just disable it with OpCom.

Since removing, the main cooling fan is constantly on.
If I connect a variable resistor to the A/C pressure sensor, and chop a fan relay with connector from a spare main cooling fan that I have lying around and connect it the A/C fan plug, will that stop the main cooling fan from being constantly on?

Will I also have to fit a resistor between the two chopped wires going to/from the A/C fan to simulate a fan being fitted?