Oil Leak Vectra C 2.2 Petrol

Hi all ,
I have a Vectra C 2.2L Petrol model 2005, and it started with oil leak from many areas, my mechanic suggested not to repair as repairing one area will lead to leakage from other area.
I found on Amazon a stop leak fluid named "Lucas Engine oil stop leak" , did anyone tried it? It says it doesn't have any harmful solvents, so I was thinking to try it out.



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It would be prudent to find and permanently fix the source(s) of the leak(s rather than try something that may work temporarily.

Possible oil leaks can occur from:-
Oil pump/timing cover oil seal (auxiliary belt will show signs of oil on it)
Camshaft cover gasket
Oil pressure sensor leakage
Oil level sensor located in sump (if fitted)
Sump (sealant not applied correctly)